“Lise Lindstrom joins the limited list of distinguished dramatic sopranos who accomplish the demands of Turandot. Audiences are accustomed to a Turandot with a large, declamatory voice. In this instance, however, Ms. Lindstrom’s approach is toned down, exhibiting her interpretation with poise and elegance…. Lindstrom’s presence is dynamic.”


“American soprano Lise Lindstrom makes an impressive debut in the title role as the icy Princess Turandot. Lindstrom is cool and imperious as the callous queen-to-be, but her voice is warm, rich and lustrous (never shrill) with an evenness of tone. Turandot is known as one of the hardest roles in the dramatic soprano repertoire, but Lindstrom never falters, particularly in her all-over-the-scales second-act aria ‘In Questa Reggia.’”

North County Times

“Lise Lindstrom is in exclusive company: singers that can easily clear the steep crests of Turandot. Her voice is penetrating and interesting, warming to the ears as the night progressed. Lindstrom excelled in Alfano’s passages, possibliy presaging a move into Wagner. In currying the Emperor’s sympathy and hinting at curiosity over Liu’s devotion, Lindstrom delved into La Principessa’s internal struggles.”

Opera Today