“Lise Lindstrom, she of the towering soprano in stature as well as voice, gave Turandot a suitably cold edge but it was a magnetic performance for all that. The young American displayed a sharp and powerful voice, restrained when it needed to be and with a rare fluidity.”

The Daily Telegraph

“As Turandot, Lise Lindstrom’s singing was steely and terrifying in the second act, the sound cutting through the air like the hard gleaming edge of the executioners’ blades wielded around her by muscle-bound guards. In the third act she took on more complex hues allowing warmth into the sound to create a performance of compelling impact.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

“Out front in the title role is America soprano Lise Lindstrom, who brings a true dramatic soprano tone into play (she’ll be playing Brünhilde in Opera Australia’s Ring Cycle next year, and it’s clear from her performance in this role that she has a voice of Wagnerian proportions)…It’s also an impressive dramatic performance in a rather strangely written role — she almost overcomes the absurdity of her character’s third act transformation from ice queen to loving wife.”

Daily Review