“The elegant Lise Lindstrom is an imposing presence as the title character and commands our attention with her own soprano voice, which is capable of delicate shadings and unmitigated power.”

Kansas City Star

“Finally in Act 2, Lise Lindstrom’s diamond-edge soprano arrives, well suited to ‘In questa reggia’ and to the emphatic announcement ‘No, mai nessun m’avra’ (“No one will ever have me”). This is pure Puccini, and in the hands of such a capable soprano, committed to musicality and precision, it was magnificent. Lindstrom moves with the measured grace of a princess, splendid in her icy coolness, and she managed a certain believability in Turandot’s abrupt emotional turn-about in Act 3 during a powerful encounter with Calaf. ‘Principessa di morte!’ and ‘Del primo pianto’ were convincing enough to move the audience toward sympathy, just as the princess experienced her first kiss and her first tear.”