“Eclipsing all others, rightly, was the Salome of Lise Lindstrom…who must be regarded as one of the finest living exponents of this fearsomely taxing role. She has the seductive looks, the cruel half-smile, the mesmerising stage presence and, above all, the vocal range and cutting edge.”

The Times

“Lise Lindstrom in the title role rose magnificently to its very considerable demands including an extraordinary vocal range from extreme highs to lows, considerable stamina and strong projection. Her ineffective seduction of the Baptist was very well shaped alternating the obsequious with withering scorn.”

Seen and Heard International

“Salome was sung by Lise Lindstrom. Her voice is ample but not over-heavy, lending credibility to the girlish aspects of the character. It also has a silvery quality, but she can turn on a metallic edge which enhanced the projection of Salome’s petulant and implacable utterances.”

Classical Source

“American soprano Lise Lindstrom was mesmerising in the title role, demonstrating her widely-acclaimed dramatic soprano. Her performance was a gripping piece of operatic acting switching smoothly between girlish petulance and an unsettling calm.”

Daily Echo

“In her fiery red dress, the Salome of Lise Lindstrom stood out as a petulant princess, delivering flickering vocal lines that suggested a fragility missed by many singers of this part.”

The Telegraph

“Lindstrom seemed to pull the drama in around her in every scene in which she appeared. She stalked the platform, her movements calculated and taut, her eyes wary: Salome as wounded predator.”