Elektra bærer tungt på traumet om den myrdede fader. Med drengeklippet frisure, klædt i afslappet unisex-tøj gestaltes den ulykkelige kvinde imponerende af amerikaneren Lise Lindstrom, der i dag er internationalt efterspurgt som sopran.

Hele operaen står og falder med titelfiguren Elektras indsats, og ikke et sekund vakler hun her.


Som Elektra er den amerikanske sopran Lise Lindstrom fremragende over for sin mor, stærkt sunget af den rutinerede Violeta Urmana.

[Elektra herself is sung by the excellent American soprano Lise Lindstrom. Without exaggerating, she gives the extremely difficult role the required intensity.]


First and foremost there is Lise Lindstrom’s Elektra, quivering with a moving energy and a vocal rawness.


Lise Lindstrom is on stage for all 105 minutes, and she delivers a powerful performance. She doesn’t just sing the part, she fills it with life and convincing presence right up to the very last little note. She IS Elektra.


American Lise Lindstrom perfectly incarnates Elektra’s boyish nature here in Copenhagen. Her soprano is not the broadest and fullest, but it makes a huge impression and has that crazy intensity.


World star Lise Lindstrom is hauntingly strong both vocally and dramaturgically in the demanding part as Elektra.


Lise Lindstrom’s nuanced and raw portrait of Elektra illustrated the harsh narrative. Far reaching circumstances have driven Elektra into a manic darkness where she is completely traumatized by her experiences and her dysfunctional family to the extent that would be any family therapist’s worst nightmare. Every single cell in the engulfing Lindstom gave 100%. Lindstrom’s Elektra was not for the faint of heart.


It is very clear that it is big profiles who are on the stage in front of me. Especially when Lindstrom sings, we in the audience witness a true demonstration of power.

Den 4. væg