“In the title role, American Lise Lindstrom… in addition to piercing highs and powerful projection, possesses a rare quality among dramatic sopranos: a youthful tone that is ideally suited to the character.”

Avant-Scène Opéra

“American soprano Lise Lindstrom is a perfect Elektra, with her powerful voice, tragic or soft when needed, as well as her physical qualities and acting abilities, which also require her to dance and to move the statue, allowing the audience to see it from all sides. It is a true performance, and one that Lise Lindstrom fulfills completely.”

Huffington Post

“American dramatic soprano Lindstrom was fiercely good in the demanding title role. An admirable vocal range carried her character from black rage and despair to the deceptive sweetness, even madness, expressed in her shimmering top notes – part of the emotional insight she brought to her powerful yet nuanced singing.”


“Balances were excellent because voices were strong. The American soprano Lise Lindstrom was fiery in the title role but also astute enough to register Elektra’s fleeting migrations from sarcasm to lyricism.”

Montreal Gazette