On June 24 and 26, Lise Lindstrom sings the title role of Strauss’ Salome in concert with Orquesta Nacional y Coro de España under the baton of David Afkham.

A stalwart in her repertoire, Ms. Lindstrom has received critical acclaim for her masterful portrayal as Salome from several of the world’s top publications including that of The Times:

“Eclipsing all others, rightly, was the Salome of Lise Lindstrom…who must be regarded as one of the finest living exponents of this fearsomely taxing role. She has the seductive looks, the cruel half-smile, the mesmerising stage presence and, above all, the vocal range and cutting edge.”

The thrilling cast will also include Tomasz Konieczny as Jochanaan, Frank van Aken as Herodes, Violeta Urmana as Herodias, Alejandro del Cerro as Narraboth, Lydia Vinyes Curtis as Herodias’ Page, Josep Fadó as First Jew, Pablo García-López as Second Jew, Vicenç Esteve as Third Jew, Angel Rodriguez Rivero as Fourth Jew, David Cervera as Fifth Jew/First Nazarene, Tomeu Bibiloni as Second Nazarene/First Soldier, David Sanchez as Second Soldier, Pedro Llarena Carballo as the Cappadocian and Francesca Calero as the Slave.

Click here to watch Ms. Lindstrom’s special invitation to these concerts.