Lise was interviewed by Operawire as part of their new series talking to notable figures from around the opera world to get their perspective on how they feel these challenging times may change opera’s present and future. In the interview, Lise underlines the challenges opera singers face during these tough times and her views on streaming opera worldwide.

One of the major developments of this time are the emergence of streaming and connecting with fans and followers more directly via social media. How has this impacted your time in quarantine?

“I have enjoyed, and encouraged, a more open dialogue on my social media platforms. I love the sense of community and the sense of how close we all are in the midst of the pandemic. However, I do not record myself singing and post online. I don’t have a recording studio in my home and let’s face it: dramatic sopranos just do not sound good on iPhone recordings! 😉”

Read the full interview on Operawire here.