Die Frau ohne Schatten (Die Färberin) with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

“The part of the woman that is imperative for the plot, that is, the wife of the dyer Barak, that is, Die Färberin, was created by the dramatic soprano, Lise Lindstrom. In doing so, she gave vocal expression to the frustrated wife in what she believed to be the narrow living space in the dyer house, the hysterical reaction to the supposed voices of the unborn children, and the fantasy that she had betrayed Barak, whom she still loves, depicted with triumphant high notes. She only realizes this when he wants to punish her as a reaction and so she also expressed this change of heart with long, high notes. One wonders where she got the strength for such a dramatic singing, as after all she matches the nurse’s saying about the slenderness of a young palm tree.”