Lise performs in Salome with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra

On June 15, Lise sings the title role in a concert performance of Salome with the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Lise’s performances as Salome have been praised by critics worldwide, with The Times proclaiming Lise to be “one of the finest living exponents of this fearsomely taxing role” and BachTrack highlighting her “impressive floaty top, solid technique, and steely, ringing high register.” The Opera Critic declared, “Lise Lindstrom is a Salome to be reckoned with… Not only has she the capacity to soar over the composer’s most intense orchestration with ease and beauty, but she manages to maintain seemingly endless stamina throughout – and includes a compellingly seductive dance for good measure.”

Conducted by Alexander Liebreich, the performance also features tenor Michael Weinius (Herodes), mezzosoprano Anna Lubańska (Herodias), baritone Shenyang (Jochanaan), and tenor Maximilian Schmitt (Narraboth).