Lise Lindstrom’s Turandot at the Royal Opera House “absolutely one to watch”

Soprano Lise Lindstrom earned more acclaim for her much-loved interpretation of Puccini’s Turandot, reprised this September for her Royal Opera House debut.

“As Turandot, Lise Lindstrom seizes attention with the first notes of In Questa Reggia and then never lets go,” writes The Guardian. “It’s rare to find an exponent of the role who can supply the level of clarity and pressurised force she effortlessly achieves.”

Adds The Independent, “The stage presence and immensely powerful voice of the American soprano Lise Lindstrom made the elusive Turandot the magnetic force that she needs to be. A willowy and imposing figure, possessing a voice replete with brilliance and focus — and without excessive wobble — Lindstrom is a fast-rising star of the dramatic soprano repertory and absolutely one to watch.”

Turandot continues through September 28 and will be broadcast live to UK and European cinemas on September 17.