Lise Lindstrom continues critically acclaimed run in Puccini’s Turandot at Opera Australia

Lise Lindstrom continues to dazzle audiences in Puccini’s Turandot at Opera Australia, bringing her signature “clear and regal top notes” to the iconic title heroine (Aussie Theater). “She tackles the taxing tessitura fearlessly,” writes Limelight Magazine, “and her clean, clear tone proves more than capable of cutting through an orchestral tutti or riding a full-throttle chorus. It’s a commanding voice and an equally commanding presence, whether cowing the peasants or setting tenorial passions on fire.” Lise “made for a fantastic Turandot,” raved The AU Review, which noted her nuanced portrayal of Puccini’s ice princess, “her commanding voice reaching out from the stage and demanding that we both love and fear her.”

Lise can be seen in Opera Australia’s Turandot through July 31 at the Joan Sutherland Theatre.