Enjoy the live broadcast of Elektra from Verbier

Bringing a “more than traditional palette of colors” to the Verbier Festival’s concert performance of ElektraLise Lindstrom’s portrayal of Strauss’ dark princess can be seen on Medici.tv through November 6 (Opera Wire).

“Onstage for almost the whole hour and forty-five minutes of the opera, she never flags,” praises Opera Wire. “Each of her major encounters in the field of anguish fills us with bother and her character’s range of emotional power – whispers, shouts, shrieks, cries, growls of desperation, rage, giddy exaltation, exultation, and grief. Remarkably, Lise Lindstrom’s vocal capacity begins to seem infinite.”

Verbier’s Elektra, led by Esa-Pekka Salonen, also stars Ingela Brimberg as Chrysothemis, Eric Owens as Orest and Anna Larsson as Klytaemestra.

Stream Elektra free on Medici.tv through November 6.